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Here you will find all you need from the excellent Maranello Kart range from full rolling chassis to replacement frames, wheels, spare parts and Maranello race suits and clothes.

In fact you should find everything you need to keep your Maranello Kart and driver looking and performing at their best.

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The latest 30mm chassis from Maranello Kart is the result of some hard won lessons from the cut and thrust of national and international competition in some of the most highly contested and most popular kart classes in the world, namely Rotax Max and X30.

 The new frame has handling characteristics that are a significant departure from the chassis of old. This has been in direct response to the changes in both tyre composition and class popularity in modern karting today. The prevalence of TaG engine classes with longer life tyres relative to those tyres used at top level CIK classes has meant that karting is now more accessible to the general driving and racing enthusiast. With that popularity has come the necessity for ease of use of the chassis and engines. The wisest kart manufacturers have recognised this and come up with new designs that allow their customers, drivers of all abilities, to be more competitive. The 2015 MK3 is the answer from Maranello Kart.


The kart allows everybody to be competitive from the first practice session. The only limit is the driver. The Maranello M3 simply allows the driver and their mechanic to work on what really makes the difference, driving technique, race tactics and strategy.


  • Ven 05 rear brake system
  • 25mm stub axles
  • Sniper caster/camber adjusters
  • 50mm axle
  • Magnesium rims
  • Seat stays
  • Resin seat
  • 2015 Sticker kit
  • Exhaust mount
  • CIK spec rear bumper